The history of Apulia is closely linked to the history of olive cultivation. It is not possible to speak of Apulia without taking into account the importance that the cultivation of the olive tree has had for centuries, or rather for millennia, on this territory, so much so as to characterize the landscape and give us back the image of a region lapped, from north to south, by a real "green sea".
Gift of the goddess Athena, who, according to Greek mythology, would have planted the first tree, the olive tree has always been considered a sacred plant, a precious gift given to the men who would have derived nourishment and wealth from it.

Even today, the richness of Apulia is the extra-virgin olive oil, "green gold", the real pride of agricultural production, a well-known and increasingly sought-after product all over the world for its extraordinary organoleptic properties and nutraceutical qualities.
Going through our land is equivalent, therefore, to making a journey through time and history, told by the majestic and ancient olive trees that reveal how, with great effort, man has managed to obtain oil from the land, precious food ever present on the tables of Apulia and that has made our cuisine unique, made of simple dishes and genuine ingredients rich in aromas and flavors.